Christophe Lacaux

3D Generalist - CG Artist

ANDROMECH 2.0 (GRENS), participant of CGTrader Awards:

ASCENSION mad scientist exosuit:

T.P. Mecha (GRENS):

Kaiju project:

Batman (Injustice) armored suit:

Exoskeleton 2.0:



Mecha Big Buster (Hard Metal):

Mecha singe (Shape shifters - Breaking land universe):

Andromech (GRENS):

"Colossus" forest creature alien:

Mass effect Cghub contest:
An 360° video turnaround of this character is available here.

Grandorian creature:

Hierophany trans-yuggothian creature:

Cow boy black mamba:

Fantasy armor troll: character's head based on a concept by Jordu Schell.

Medieval fantastic knight:


ED 405 prototype suit:

Indian Ashura warrior:

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